Threat Intelligence


Working with scarce resources and lack of visibility into the adversary’s intentions, opportunities and methods, it is a very tough challenge to choose and prioritize the right measures.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Knowing-the-how and possessing the right technology and equipment, are no longer enough in rapidly changing environments, where our adversaries seem to be always one step ahead. Now, it is important to know-the-exact-relevant-what, which is the essence of intelligence.

What is a threat? Cyber threats and threat intelligence have become diluted definitions. It seems like conventional intelligence feeds nowadays tend to focus on delivering quantity instead of quality data. In fact, using big-data feeds in the wrong way may even increase your workload. In our opinion, threats only exist when Intent, Opportunity and Capability all come together at the same Time. Any of these three elements missing, four if we include the Time element, the situation should not require immediate attention or be acted on as an relevant threat. This also makes identifying threats as we define it so difficult. But since threat has the largest leverage effect on the risk equation, it is absolutely worth the harsh effort to capture threats.

MMOX provides you the insights and methodologies to do this. We provide you the right usable, verified and relevant intelligence to act on. This helps you to become proactive and be effective in an early stage. Our tailored threat intelligence is essential to any cyber security professional and SOC-team. Especially to those who seek to improve efficiency and effectiveness. The once who are ready to close the gap between what is available now and what is required to take on the dynamics in the threat landscape.

Our services helps you to:

  • Be proactive: you’ll have the knowledge and means to understand, deal and manage threats in a proactive and predictive way;
  • Reduce workload: our security automation driven technology enables you to focus on targeted threat assessment instead of processing data noise;
  • Prioritize measures: knowing what and where to defend, allows you to better allocate resources and take effective measures instead of ‘fixing in the blind’;
  • Reduce risk: knowing your actual threat exposure allows you to eliminate white spots in your cyber and business Risk Assessment.

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