NUCLEON partners with MMOX

January 1, 2017 – Nucleon enters into a partnership with Cyber Defense company MMOX in The Hague for representation in Western Europe. MMOX specializes in cyber security innovation and brings exclusive new generation cyber technology, tooling and services to Enterprise and Government organizations in Europe. Nucleon is an information security research company that has developed a highly-advanced system which enables us to monitor, learn and predict attacks around the Internet. The system identifies potential threats and issues alerts automatically.

Matthijs Blokker (right), Director of MMOX: “We operate in a niche market and see a very distinct opportunity for Nucleon and ICCIN in the Critical Infrastructure sector and FinTech. Because there is so much real-time and relevant data in the system, and attack patterns and movements are very visible, central government agencies will also be very interested.”

Roy Heller (left), Sales Director at Nucleon: “It is very easy for us to be somewhere on a shelf at a European distributor or reseller. But for us, being very actively promoted and positioned at our prospected target customers by MMOX is much more attractive. We are looking forward to a very interesting and successful partnership!”