KELA sets foot in Benelux with MMOX

March 16, 2016PRLog — Nina Gorbachevski, a former intelligence officer from the situation room of the Israeli prime ministers office and used to be the head of the military attache’s office at the Israeli embassy in Paris has been hired by the Israeli company Kela Israeli Intelligence, Israel’s leading computer forensics company.

Kela, who are seen to have an aggressive approach, are looking to have a foothold in Europe. They have also appointed, the head of consulting firm MMOX, Matthijs Blokker as its Benelux countries representative.

Some months ago a branch office of the firm Intelligo Group, opened in London. The London office handles the firm’s European business. Intelligo is an offshoot of Kela. The company has a lot of business and recently reorganized it’s staff appointing Dubi Beck as its chief intelligence officer. Beck is a former head of intelligence at the Israeli prime ministers office. Another Israeli intelligence firm,Black Cube, opened in Paris recently.

The way these companies respond to clients demands is liked by US companies, especially on the East coast of the US where they have had impressive results for some time now. The founders of these companies, most of whom belonged to Unit8200, the undercover computer penetration unit, of the Israeli intelligence. They carry out most offensive operations from Israeli territory, they also work within the framework of looser national legislation, where it is more accommodating to their activities.

The advisory boards of the Israeli computer forensics companies are also marketing tools in themselves. Shabtai Shavit, former head of Mossad and former national security advisor Yaakov Amidror are on the board of Kela. Where former head of Shin Bet and internal security minister Avi Dichter together with former commander of unit 8200 Pinchas Buchris are with Intelligo.

The other big players in computer infiltration operations are Indian companies, they also have the expertise and resources to undertake these type son operations. There are a number of Indian computer intelligence companies also setting up shop in the EU either directly or through partner companies, They like the Israeli companies also normally undertake their assignments within the jurisdiction of India.

It is not clear what the European Data commissioners and their enforcement units make of these companies setting up in Europe with one main goal of infiltrate computer systems, As these are commercial companies the target of their clients will obviously be other commercial entities, normally their competitors, wishing to collect competition intelligence.

WIS International are continually requested to organise these types of operations on behalf of clients, seeking information from around the globe for commercial reasons or for on going legal actions they are involved in. is an investigation companoperting throughout the world in matter concerning business intelligence.

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