P2 Threat ManagementDarknet Data IntelligenceArtificial Neural NetworkBehavioral Biometrics

P2 Threat Management

Stop fixing in the blind

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Darknet Data Intelligence

Insight, not hindsight

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Artificial Neural Network

Early Warning System

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Behavioral Biometrics

Continuous Authentication

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Welcome to MMOX

Advanced cyber threats evolve quicker than most organizations can deal with. The lack of visibility into the adversary’s intentions, opportunities and methods makes it hard to prioritize the right measures. MMOX targets this situation with a different approach, new technologies, to help you build proactive and predictive capabilities.

We bring clients, experts, international vendors and distinctive technology together. To co-create, adapt and implement solutions that best meet the current events and priorities in the cyber security domain. Our mission is to be one step ahead, by being the first mover to provide new cyber capabilities to enterprises, governments and service providers in Europe.