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MMOX Smart

First all-in cyber protection for SME

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Darknet Monitoring

Insight, not hindsight

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Zero-day Threats

Artificial Neural Network

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Threat Intelligence

Stop fixing in the blind

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Welcome to MMOX

MMOX is specialized in Cyber Threat Management and targets this situation with a different approach.

Our goal is to reduce Cyber Risk effectively for our clients by providing clear and fact-based insights into threats. We coach our clients towards a threat centric approach and to operate so accordingly. With new methodology and automated technology, we help to identify actual threats that are specifically relevant to our clients and to mitigate these in an early stage. It relieves resources, decomplicates tactical operations and supports strategic decision making based on reassessed Cyber Risk without white spots.

MMOX brings clients, experts, international vendors and distinctive technology together. To co-create, adapt and implement solutions that best meet the current events and priorities in the cyber security domain. Our mission is to be one step ahead to provide new cyber capabilities to enterprises, governments and service providers in Europe.